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The ClearPoint Way

Our Mission Is Our Clients Success

When ClearPoint was founded in 2002, they had but one mission - the success of their clients.  Not a slogan or a cute tag-line.  This was to be the moral compass by which every team-member needed to adhere to.

Not Your Typical Wall Street Suits...

When you walk into ClearPoint Financial you won't find anyone wearing a suit, not even a tie. With headquarters in Seattle, they are about as far away from Wall Street as you can get in the United States.  We have nothing against suits and ties. We simply want to be approachable.

Actions are Louder than Words...

Recently, Congress passed the "Customer First" legislation to hold the financial services industry to a higher standard - one that puts the client ahead of everything else. While that sent many in the industry scrambling to meet these new regulations, ClearPoint didn't have to change a thing. That's always been our way of business - THE CLEARPOINT WAY. 

Join the ClearPoint Family!

Are you ready to join the ClearPoint Family?  Does retirement planning for real people, by real people make sense for you and your organization?  It all starts with a conversation.